NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Personal Enhancement Workshop

The benefits of this workshop include:

Personal attention from the co-creator of NLP

The opportunity to address specific issues or goals

Three days of intensive learning and fun

An intimate and fascinating group dynamic

A chance to experience Dr Bandler's work, close-up, over 3 days

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$ 17200.00
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6TH-8TH OCT 2020
6th - 8th
Oct 2020
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About the event
Personal Enhancement Workshop

Every year, hundreds of people ask Dr Richard Bandler for a personal session.

Only 15 are ever chosen to attend. Only a few seats left.

One of them could be You.
You are invited to apply for an exclusive 3- day session with the Co-Creator of NLP.
These dates will be confirmed once the applicants have been accpted and chosen

As one of the few chosen to attend his Personal Enhancement Workshop, Dr Bandler will work directly with you - and change your life forever.

Ask Yourself: What would YOU change if only you could?

BEFORE you attend this amazing three-day workshop you will create a “wish list” of requests and personal goals that you would like to work on. Richard will use this input to create the workshop around you. And it doesn’t stop there. Richard also teaches you a special set of skills many of his personal clients use to make improvements and success in their lives.

You will also receive a complimentary set of six personal enhancement CDs in preparation for this workshop.

After previous Personal Enhancement Workshops:

"Mr K", already a successful businessman, enjoyed a 60% increase in profits within 6 months of attending the Personal Enhancement Workshop.  He "now sees business opportunities everywhere he looks."

"Mrs B" suffered a long-term illness.  After she attended the Personal Enhancement Workshop she experienced massively improved health and happiness "as a direct result" of Richard's interventions. Her turnaround has baffled her Harley Street doctor. Jane credits Richard for her new lease of life. 

"Mrs P", previously in an unhappy marriage, struggling for money and terrified of public speaking tells of an extraordinary change thanks to Richard.  Her marriage is more stable than ever, she runs a thriving business and feels perfectly at home addressing large audiences.  

Remember: due to the limited places available, only a handful of people will benefit from the insights, knowledge and startling transformational power of this extraordinary agent of change.  Apply for your chance of be one of them.

Richard Bandler's Mentorship. The Personal Enhancement Workshop

Richard Bandler's Mentorship. Who attends the Personal Enhancment Workshop

Richard Bandler - co-creator of NLP
Dr. Richard Bandler'A Leonardo of our times'. The Guardian"One of the reasons why I conduct NLP training is so that people who want to use NLP, teach it to others, or use it in the context of public communication, can do so in the way that I intended."
Location | Baglioni Hotel, 60 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington London SW7 5BB
About the seminar

Do I need to know NLP before attending the event?

No, not for the Personal Enhancement Workshop, this course caters for all individuals and no previous NLP experience is needed.

What documents do I need to complete?

On the first day you will be required to sign a short disclaimer for marketing & filming purposes and complete a license agreement which you will receive a copy of and one will be held by the society of NLP.

Can I record the trainings and take photographs?

No filming or photography is permitted at all throughout the course and whilst the trainers are on stage. You will get an opportunity at the end of the seminar to have photos with Richard and John.

How do we request what specifically we want Richard to help us with?

You will be contacted prior to the event, in order for you to create a clear wish list of what specifically you would like help with. 

What is the maximum amount of people?

The maximum number of guests allowed to attend this workshop is 15. It’s a very close and intimate workshop. 

What is the format?

Yourselves and Richard Bandler share a seminar room for three days. He will go through your wish lists and work with each of you individually and a group as a whole; everything is kept entirely at each person’s discretion. 

Can I have a private one-to-one with Richard Bandler?

No, at no point will you get the opportunity to work with Richard entirely alone. He works as a group. You are free to discuss or request any additional work time, but it’s not guaranteed.

Can I bring a friend or relative?

Each ticket is for one person. So if you only bought one ticket, then only one person can attend the seminar.

Can I buy NLP related products?

Yes there will be a full range of books, CDs and DVDs for sale throughout the duration of the seminar.
Your price
$ 17200.00
VAT included
6TH-8TH OCT 2020
6th - 8th
Oct 2020
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