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The Richard Bandler's New Horizon Mentorship

Richard Bandler Mentorship
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Richard Bandler Mentorship


Something New Is Happening In NLP - And you're invited to join in!

The Richard Bandler New Horizon Mentorship Scheme
In over 40 years of making changes in people's lives and boosting people to succeed, Richard Bandler has never offered his clients personal mentorships.
That is, until now.
2018 marks the second year that Richard Bandler will mentor 15 selected clients over the course of the year, helping them find new horizons and possibilities.
This is a unique and exclusive opportunity to work closely with the master and genius behind NLP and one of the most renowned leaders in the Personal Development world.
The Mentorship programme will give you direct access to Richard. It will include face-to-face sessions, skype conference calls and email access.
It will embed you in a network of fellow clients, enabling you not only to draw on the massive knowledge, experience and resources of Dr Bandler, but also of the others he is mentoring.
For those who have wished for more time with Dr Bandler, and more direct help – as well as those wanting to understand how Richard helps to shape strategies for success, the Richard Bandler New Horizon Mentoring Scheme is the answer. .... 
PLEASE NOTE. It takes a mental commitment PLUS time & money investment in order to enjoy this "Golden Ticket" of training and thought optimisation ...
For people who perhaps have already reached a certain level of success professionally and may want to fast track personally and professionally to a different level.
More announcements will be made soon.  Remember this exclusive programme is limited to 15 people so apply today!
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Richard Bandler - co-creator of NLP
Dr. Richard Bandler'A Leonardo of our times'. The Guardian"One of the reasons why I conduct NLP training is so that people who want to use NLP, teach it to others, or use it in the context of public communication, can do so in the way that I intended."
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