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The Question

The Question
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The Question - Bernardo Moya
Join Bernardo founder of The Best You and CEO of NLP Life Training in his talk The Question Find Your True Purpose base on his bestselling book The Question

He will share is journey and the “basics” of what it takes to stand out to make a difference.

The book combines a mix of practical and emotional content including the highs and lows of real life experience to help inspire readers, giving them practical information to help them discover their true purpose in life, and the confidence to go and pursue it. Bernardo too read a book that inspired him and now has very unique insight into the flaws of ‘personal development’ world that so many are benefiting from. There are 6 chapters in total, and an Introduction which sets out my manifesto.
Bernardo Moya
Bernardo Moya Mentorship or PartnerBernardo Moya is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter to some of the biggest names in Personal Development. As Chief Inspirational Officer  and Founder of The Best You. With three EXPO's already held in London and one in Long Beach California, 40.000 visitors and over 700 speakers have spoken at his event.  The Best You EXPO is  now the largest personal and professional development live exhibition in the world.  
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May 2019
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