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Anders Pipers' Licensed Sports Performance Coach™ - NEW COURSE

Anders Pipers' Licensed Sports Performance Coach™ is an elite training programme that will give its students truly useful skills to apply in the sporting world,.  Matthew Wingett looks at what's involved.
Anders Piper
Anders Piper, NLP Master Trainer,
deviser of the NLP Licensed Sports Performance Coach™ Programme.

This autumn the NLP Life Academy has a really powerful new course, for people who are extremely serious about sport and sports coaching.

Anders Pipers' new Licensed Sports Performance Coachseminar will give you the skills that you need to really make a difference to the performance of elite sportspeople.

This is an intensive 9 day course, and is unique - the only Society for Neuro-Linguistic Programming Licensed Sports Performance Coach in the world.

Anders, who has an extensive background in dealing with people and especially sportspeople has an impressive pedigree when it comes to sport.  He was a training instructor in the Danish army, was an international cyclist, and played American football internationally for Denmark.

He has worked closely as one of Richard Bandler's apprentices, and has a deep knowledge of NLP.

In this course, you will discover

    * What makes the real difference in sports?
    * Why do some sports people have the ability to come from behind and win against all odds?
    * What are they doing in their minds that makes them the winners and others the runners-up?

Anders Piper's Licensed Sports Performance Coach™ 9 day course will show you how to apply the skills of NLP to sports, to mesh in with the specific psychology of the elite sportsperson, and enable you to take them further.

The course will require you to be knowledgeable about NLP, and ideally you will have trained with the SNLP to Master Practitioner level, and you will have used your NLP extensively.  Gifted and experience NLP Practitioners will also be considered.

This course is like no other.  You will be invited to coach and work with elite sportspeople as part of your training, and you will be examined on your skills at the end of the course.

Recent trainings have included a student who was a former world champion martial artist, a semi-pro Basketball player and a European Champion for the title of "Miss Fitness".

Course dates: 10th-18th November 2011

To find out more about this specialist and extremely effective course, just click here, now

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