NLP Life Training - 10 Years

The Wisdom of Change - by Owen Fitzpatrick


Since I began my studies in Psychology and NLP almost 15 years ago, my focus was how I could become happy, successful, charismatic and make a real difference to the world. I started with this focus and now as I look back at what I have learned I understand that there are many vital lessons that teach us about how all of that is possible.

The inevitability of change in the modern day means that we are entering into a time crisis. The nature of the way we work and how we do what we do is changing more rapidly than ever before. So to deal with such issues, we must learn how to deal with massive amounts of information and keep up to date with what's relevant and avoid wasting time of what's not. At the same time, we seek constant and never ending improvement to become happier, wealthier and have bigger houses, nicer cars and the perfect family.

This striving leads us towards an elusive goal of ever raising standards and while we deal with the many changes life throws our way, we must juggle this with the desire to be better and have all that we want. But to get better, we must not only cope with change we must embrace it. To improve we must strive for our best and deliberately bring about change in our own life, in our own worlds.

To me, this requires two fundamental skills... the ability to Adapt and the ability to Choose. We must adapt to what happens and we must choose how to deal with it, we must adapt to new information and choose what's relevant, we must adapt to changing circumstances and choose to improve to succeed regardless.


hen I teach the Art of Charisma course wherever I may be at the time, the one thing I have learned is that regardless of where it is... Italy, Spain, Japan, Ireland, Colombia or India... generally people are the same and have the same kind of problems and most are what Richard Bandler refers to as 'Imaginary Problems'. No matter how real they seem, they are created by their imagination and so must be dealt with by 'Imaginary Solutions'. This is, to me, a nugget of genius from Richard. It explains the attitude we need to have towards problems and emphasizes the importance of doing things differently in our mind.

NLP courses teach you how to use your brain for a change as Richard puts it. Our own courses in Ireland are there to help people do that so that they can create the kind of life they want. Richard's courses do the same thing. It's all about ensuring that you take ownership of your own brain and decide to adapt and to choose. To accept no matter what I will survive... I don't need anything to make me ok. I am good regardless. To choose the focus you have on solutions not problems, on answers not challenges, on hope not despair. To me, when you make that choice you have the wonderfulness of what Richard calls personal freedom and you can live the life you want. I know I am.

Owen Fitzpatrick

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