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Tina Taylor Will Teach You The Skills of Taking Your Clients Through A Painless Childbirth - by Matt Wingett

Tina Taylor's course on Painless Childbirth will make a massive difference to practitioners assisting with births. Matt Wingett reports. 
Painless Childbirth, by Tina Taylor
A fascinating new course is being offered by NLP Life Training this autumn that will be of real practical use to Practitioners and Hypnotherapists involved in assisting at births, adding skills to practitioners' toolboxes and enabling them to add new services to their practice.
Tina Taylor is an expert NLP Master Trainer who has for many years specialised in helping women to have easy, painless childbirths.
She is extremely precise in how to manage the expectations surrounding childbirth, and her acclaimed book on the subject Painless Childbirth highlights the ways in which the expectant mother and her helpers can help bring baby into the world without the drama, stress-free and most importantly, painlessly.
Now Tina will be running a masterclass for NLP practitioners and hypnotherapists, in which she will teach the precise techniques, attitudes and expectations you need to help your client through this exciting, vital moment so they get to enjoy bringing new life into the world.
Tina's courses are brilliantly structured events, in which clients are given masses of information in easy, bite-size chunks that are easily applied.   
With her experience in running childbirth classes stretching well over ten years, now, Tina knows the best ways to teach people how to control sensations in their body and how to use hypnosis in childbirth. These techniques also map across to pain control in general.
Paul McKenna, the World's Number One Self Help Author said: "Tina Taylor has written an excellent book for anyone expecting a baby.  It's a goldmine of techniques and helpful information.  Tina's years of experience and dedication to helping others have created a wonderful guide to making the experience of childbirth much easier".
Tina Taylor promises you you will:
  • Learn how a woman's body is designed to work in childbirth
  • Learn proven hypnotic techniques for pain control
  • Learn key techniques to assist with the birth process
  • Develop practical skills that you can teach to your clients
  • Receive class outlines you can use in your childbirth classes
Attendees of the course will also receive a free copy of her book, "Painless Childbirth".  It promises to be a fabulous 2 days in which practitioners will get the very best training from an acknowledged expert in this field.

For further information about Tina's course, please click here now!

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