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Book Review - Painless Childbirth by Tina Taylor

With Christmas a time in which people naturally  think about birth, Matthew Wingett reviews Tina Taylor's new book, Painless Childbirth, and finds a wealth of wisdom in its pages.
Painless Childbirth, by Tina Taylor
There is no doubting the brilliance and effectiveness of Tina Taylor as a hypnotist, and her latest book "Painless Childbirth" is a great example of why she is well respected by her clients.
The book is a fascinating read which provides powerful practical advice on giving birth, and the message throughout is a simple and profound one that sets conventional wisdom on its head: You don't have to feel pain when you give birth. Indeed, even using the "pain" paradigm in some sense is counterproductive. So out goes mention of "pain control drugs" and mention of "pain" itself during pregnancy, and in comes the notion of choice of drugs when requested, rather than allowing yourself to be prompted for "painkillers" every five minutes.  Talking about "pressure" as central to the experience of the mother-to-be is also encouraged, rather than the talk about pain.
To some of a more traditional mindset, this might seem to be putting the cart before the horse.  But Tina is assiduous in laying out her reasoning, and piles up a ton of research to make her point.
Performing a survey of the ancient writers, she notes that the Ancient Greeks and the Romans, both keen observers of Nature, wrote about the possibility of relaxed and harmonious births. Only later, with the importing of mistranslated concepts from the Jewish tradition into Western culture does the "inevitability" of suffering in childbirth become rooted in the psyche.
The argument is persuasive, and more so when illustrated with the copious examples of women Tina has helped over the years.
The conceptual framework put in place, Tina goes on to give real practical advice about childbirth.  There is a nicely put together introduction to hypnosis, some realy delightful hypnosis scripts to work from, clear advice on anchoring and changing expectations using tried and trusted NLP techniques.
And there is much more.  In her job of modelling those women who had the most easy of births, Tina goes on to give a host more powerful advice. Negotiating the bureaucracy of the hospital, working with doctors and midwives to get the experience that you want - and writing out a clear list of the way you expect to be treated.
Beyond this, she even gives advice on when to buy the baby clothes, and gives a whole list of those things that will make the birth so much easier, when baby arrives.
This book is a comprehensive overview of the whole process of pregnancy.  It gets a big "recommend" from NLP Life!

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