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The Kingsman – Yes Washington Post, NLP is a real thing!

The Kingsman – Yes Washington Post, NLP is a real thing!
There's a lot of noise in the Press at the moment about a truly cheeky, fun English spy movie starring – all the unlikely stars you can imagine – the one-time Pride and Prejudice Mr D'Arcy heart-throb, Colin Firth.
For those intrigued by NLP, the bootcamp training may come as a real surprise. Because for two minutes right in the heart of the story, candidate spies in training are taught the skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The section lays out the way language patterns can be used, and gives a hilarious and surprisingly accurate description of how NLP can be used to channel and direct people's thinking.
Because this is a light-hearted comedy thriller, no surprise that the young hero, “Eggsy” (played by Taron Egerton) is set the task of picking up a woman in a bar, in rivalry with other spy-hopefuls. 
The Washington Post reviewer Michael O'Sullican was so taken with the section that he was even driven to comment that, yes, NLP is a “real thing”.
For those in the know, you'll see some really fun and smart use of NLP in The Kingsman. But it's important to remember that this is a  movie. NLP has been used to help people pick up partners – although this is only one narrow use of an extremely effective tool that helps you communicate effectively in all sorts of situations, negotiate, make friends and influence people.
Of course, you have to use such a powerful tool wisely and intelligently. In The Kingsman each of the young hopefuls calls out the other on the techniques they use. Watching young Taron Egerton in action is a great way to learn to be aware of the way language can be used to influence you. But of course, the best way to really master it is take the course.
After all, till you do, you don't know who already has!

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