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Masterclass with Dr. Richard Bandler

Richard Bandler Master Class
Business people have gained insights into:

the way to network most effectively to really project your business

how to get the most from business connections - and give the most

the art of using your time to make every second and every penny earn you more money

Salesmen and negotiators have been handed the keys to:

staying confident, cool calm and collected in high-stress situations

persuading others through powerful communication techniques

reading body language to ensure that negotiations are going your way

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1ST OCT 2020
Oct 2019
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About the event
Masterclass with Dr. Richard Bandler

Richard Bandler is the genius who co-invented NLP, whose teaching is behind the world's best and most well-repected business and human psychology courses and training. He has intimate knowledge of the ways that many different people have achieved success in their chosen fields.



About Masterclass

The Best You Masterclass is a series of one-day seminars that will enable you to meet, learn and engage with the world’s greatest leaders in their field. They will share their expertise, their knowledge, experience and insights with you as part of a small, select group.

A highly-exclusive event - Masterclass will be limited to only 20 people.

Imagine spending a day learning from one of the very best in their area of expertise, enjoying lunch with that expert in a small intimate group, and in the afternoon revisiting what you have learned and building on it.

Finally, you get to network with a group of serious like-minded individuals whose knowledge you can share and with whom you can explore possible collaborations and business opportunities. You will spend your time learning from someone at the cutting edge of what they do, who may also be a well-established author, TV personality, business leader or personal development guru. Whichever speaker you choose, you can be sure that they are successful and influential with unique knowledge - in business, the arts, music, drama or other spheres.

For someone serious about learning and improving, The Best You Masterclass gives you the opportunity to learn from The Best. These are people whom you would never normally find so accessible.

These one-off workshops will be designed to get the best synergy among the group.

For that reason, this exclusive workshop is by invitation only. You will be asked to fill out a profile revealing your skills and expertise, as well as what you would like the speaker to cover and what you want your outcome to be.

This way we can be sure that we meet your needs and give you a great return on your investment.

What You Can Learn From Richard Bandler Depends On You!

Richard Bandler is the genius who co-invented NLP, whose teaching is behind the world's best and most well-repected business and human psychology courses and training. He has intimate knowledge of the ways that many different people have achieved success in their chosen fields.

This means Dr Bandler has the knowledge to show you how to go further and how to achieve success.

When you meet with Dr Bandler, what piece of knowledge would help you most? What would you ask him?  How much could you learn?

Here are some of the questions others have benefited massively from by asking Richard...

Authors have found out:

  • how Dr Bandler has been so successful in writing books
  • what techniques and skills are the most important in writing
  • how he has built such a great brand

Public speakers have discovered:

  • how to really engage with people to make powerfully impactful presentations
  • how humour changes the way your audience responds to you
  • the secrets of stagecraft and how pace and rhythm are so important

Therapists have learned from Dr Bandler:

  • the art of making change quickly and effectively
  • the mindset it takes to engage with your clients
  • how to work with clients without assuming there's something "wrong" with them

Artists, musicians, actors and creators of all kinds have heard Dr Bandler reveal:

  • how to tap into the well-spring of their creativity
  • the art of staying focussed on the project before you
  • how money-making and creativity go hand-in-hand

Sportspeople have learned from this master of personal change:

  • how to maintain motivation when the chips are down
  • how getting into the zone can be done with ease and skill
  • what the mindset of the winner really is

This is your opportunity to find out what you want to know from this highly experienced genius of personal development!


Event Agenda


This exclusive event is being held in Central London.


1) Registration will start at 9am where you will be met by your host Bernardo Moya, CEO of The Best You. At this time you will have the opportunity to introduce and meet each other and discuss the sorts of things you are looking to learn until the Master Speaker arrives at 10.30am

2) Intensive workshop with the Master Speaker, in which you and a select group of up to 20 people learn the strategies, approach and mindset of a leader in his or her field.

3) Lunch - Along with your fellow delegates, lunch with the Master Speaker. Network, build connections and discover greater insight into the Master Speaker’s work.


4) Join the group to impound and review what you have learned from the morning session. Alongside fellow delegates, add your own insights and understanding of the speaker’s message and learn from your peers.

5) Your opportunity to network in a forum. Find out the skills each of
you has and how they will help you, make connections and problem-solve together. This aspect in similar talks is often neglected. The connections you make in the Masterclass will stand you in good stead in future.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best and take your own skills and connections to new levels. Be ready to learn, to create new opportunities and to start building a future filled with new insights and knowledge.


Richard Bandler - co-creator of NLP
Dr. Richard Bandler'A Leonardo of our times'. The Guardian"One of the reasons why I conduct NLP training is so that people who want to use NLP, teach it to others, or use it in the context of public communication, can do so in the way that I intended."
Location | Baglioni Hotel, 60 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington, London SW7 5BB, UK