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NLP Life National Hypnosis Awards

NLP Life National Hynosis Awards

Do you have what it takes to win the NLP Life National Hypnosis Award?


If so you could take home £1,000.

The UK's first NLP Life National Hypnosis Awards are designed to find and promote the very best in the world of hypnosis.
The Best You magazine are looking for talented hypnotists to demonstrate their hypnotic skills and show us what they can do.
We are looking for talented hypnotists who will help raise awareness of this powerful mind tool that has helped so many people.
The NLP Life National Hypnosis Awards will be presented by Dr Richard Bandler on October 2nd 2015 at the NLP Life Talks (more on the NLP Life Talks coming soon) – a day in which thought leaders from many different disciplines will give fascinating talks about their expertise.

What we are looking for:
  • style
  • elegance 
  • ease within the induction
  • mastery of language / and or body language

How to enter.
Simply submit a video of yourself performing a hypnotic induction. Do with it what you will -  incorporate effect , plant a post-hypnotic suggestion and an outduction. 
Of course, on a video there is no easy way to verify the effectiveness of the hypnosis on your hypnotic subject. That's not the point of this award – instead  what we are looking for is your style – are you an elegant, effective communicator who is able to get your point across hypnotically?
If you believe you are, then this is your chance to become the first recipient of the NLP Life National Hypnosis Award, which will be awarded for exceptional competency and elegance in demonstrating mastery of the skills of hypnosis.

Why we are doing it.
We know that hypnosis is a powerful mind tool that has helped millions of people throughout the world get the very best from themselves. Yet there are still people who think it's all imaginary. 
The Best You is dedicated to helping people get the best from themselves and others. We want more people to hear about extraordinary transformative and positive powers of hypnosis so they are at least aware that it's a genuine option to help them.
About our award giver, Dr Bandler
Dr Richard Bandler is something of a legend in hypnosis circles, being known as
  • inventor of the term Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • the man who analysed and modelled the hypnosis techniques of Milton H Erickson
  • mentor of Paul McKenna in NLP
  • creator of numerous books, DVDs, CDs etc on hypnosis and NLP
  • one of the world's leading therapeutic hypnotists
Remember - If you think you're the hypnotist who can win the NLP Life National Hypnosis Awards and receive a cheque for £1,000 we'd love to hear from you.  

Competition Rules
  1. All applicants and hypnotic subjects must be over 18 years of age.
  2. Applicants can submit as many videos as they want. 
  3. Each submitted video must be over 5 minutes long and no longer than 12 minutes
  4. The closing date for entries is 11.00 UK time, 20th September 2015
  5. The applicant agrees to allow The Best You to host the video on their Youtube channel.
  6. The applicant agrees that The Best You may use the video for any purposes they deem fit, including producing a showreel of the best performers, using the video individually on The Best You's site and any other website at any point in future.
  7. The Best You understands that copyright in the applicant's entry video is retained by the applicant and the applicant may do with the video whatever they choose.
  8. Employees of The Best You or relatives of employees are not eligible to enter the competition.
  9. The judges' decision is final. No further correspondence will be entered into on announcement of the winner
  10. The winner will make him or herself available to accept the prize in London on 2nd October, 2015.
  11. The winner and other runners up agree that they will be happy for their names, videos and / or images to be used in post-award publicity.
  12. Competitors may perform their induction direct to the camera, or may use a subject – the format to be decided by the entrant.
  13. The Best You and competitors understand that the criteria used in judging the competition are designed to highlight the skill with which language / body language are employed, as examples of good hypnotic technique. Since this is not verifiable on video, it does not mean that subjects used in the video have necessarily been hypnotised.

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