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A quick round up of this summer's NLP hits that are flying off the shelves!
Banishing Phobias, The Bandler Way

Banishing Phobias, with Richard Bandler

Filmed at one of his NLP Practitioner trainings this DVD shows three people terrified of snakes, spiders and confined spaces being shown how to beat their fears.
Richard talks about the way that he brought about change, and gives hints and tips as to the thinking behind the changework.
This DVD enables NLPers to model Richard - and phobics might well want to join in the exercises he gives his clients. 
In all, it's great fun - and with serious, life-changing intent.

Face To Face with Richard Bandler

Richard talks about the people and events that have inspired him, taking questions from a live audience, and from journalist Paul Ross.  Gives a great insight into the thinking behind NLP.
Conversations with Richard Bandler, by Owen Fitzpatrich and Richard Bandler

Conversations with Richard Bandler

Over the course of several years, Richard Bandler and his young protégé  Owen Fitzpatrick had a series of conversations about NLP, therapy and the Bandler approach to helping people. This book gives fascinating insights into changework and NLP.
The Secrets of Success with Richard Bandler

The Secrets of Success

Richard Bandler models 4 people who excel at what they do: celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, millionaire businessman Andrew Morris, Olympic gold mediallist Iwan Thomas and renowned actor Chris Ellison.
Prepare to find out what drives them, and discover the secrets of success!
These are great products that give real insights into the world of NLP - as well as really helping people to improve their lives..


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