NLP Life Training - 10 Years



Testimonials Get the Life You Want - May 2018 from Barry


I had an amazing weekend.

The training was great and gave me some amazing tools to help me.

Paul is amazing.

Richard is mind blowing.

This weekend helped me find ways to deal with old issues and I'm now moving forward in a positive way.

Thanks Paul and Richard.



Testimonials Get the Life You Want - May 2018 from Joe


Get The Life You Want was a wonderful and powerful experience.

I now feel better able to make positive decisions and take control of the way I think.

Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler are superb trainers and I can't thank them enough for the weekend. I will definitely be coming back for more!

Cheers, Joe

Testimonials Get the Life You Want - May 2018 from Linda

Dear Bernardo, Dear NLP Life Training Team,

Even before I received today´s e-mail today asking us to share our success stories, I wanted to write you a big thank you email. I have been reproiratising and re organising a lot of things since I got back. I made enormous changes in many areas of life.

Thank You so much for this wonderful event. It was fenomenal. A HUGE thanks to Paul and Richard, to all the trainers who gave their time to us and your staff. I am very grateful. Will be in touch soon with a more detailed e-mail. Best of luck with the current events!

Testimonials NLP Practitioner - May 2018 from Camel

Thank you

Loved every minute of it, I was challenged and surprised

Carmel walker x

Testimonials The Secret of Hypnosis - May 2018

"Pound for Pound, this is by far the most valuable personal growth event I've ever attended, my only regret is that I didn't find my way here, earlier."

Neil Cowmeadow.

Testimonial Richard Bandler Mentorship from Nancy

"The Bandler Mentorship propels me in new ways. I perceive more clearly. I respond more elegantly. I am accomplishing things that have eluded me before."

Nancy Cramer

Testimonial Richard Bandler Mentorship from Tom

As someone who wanted to develop his own NLP business I found the mentorship programme invaluable. Not only did I learn lots from Richard about NLP but he also provided invaluable support in setting up my new business venture. Sharing ideas and experiences with my fellow participants from all over the world was also a really enjoyable part of the programme. I wouldn’t hesitate being mentored by Dr Bandler to anyone!

Testimonial Richard Bandler Mentorship from Nancy

Thank you so much for the Bandler Mentorship Program.  It has prepared me for future success in ways I could not have imagined.
I realized the return on my investment in the first one-on-one with Dr. Bandler.  Upon presenting my business plan, Dr. Bandler quickly identified key issues that would have led to significant loss in time and money if I had continued on my proposed trajectory.  These insights alone, saved me the amount I had spent on the program.