NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Charmaine Lane - NLP Practioneer Course feedback

Hi Steve,


Following our telephone converstation,


I would recommend the NLP Practitioners course to anyone as it is impossible not to gain something from it, no matter who you are.


Personally I found it unclogged by brain and put me back to how I used to be about 10 years ago, happy, optimistic and a lot more aware of how I work and other people. I applied the techniques to over come fear that was holding me back from my passion, horses. Previously I would ride most young horses and definitely take opportunities to ride as much as possible, but slowly over a period of falling off, being injured etc my confidence in myself, my ability and in riding anything but the 'safe' horses seemed to disappear.


I was paying other people to do what I used to do! Now after this course I am back riding my horse, put it in previously scarey situations and I didn't react and therefore the horse was more confident and the spiral of confidence went the right way, rather than to disaster. Wiping out fear had a double effect as horses sense it so easily, when they are with a nervous person, they become nervous, when they have a confident leader, they are confident and problems arise less frequently. Basically they magnify the human emotion. I can also see how applying anchors to people, and then teaching them, and integrating this work into a lesson on the horse has the possibility of speeding up the learning process of the skill of riding as well. Testing it out on myself, then others I hope.


This was the main gain I got, but also over came repetitive behaviour that was triggered by stress, that’s gone, and have the tools to help my schizophrenic brother, a work in progress.


Many thanks

Charmaine Lane


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