NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Text Testimonials

William Fern - The Secret of Hypnosis

Dear Bernardo,....greetings from Frankfurt!
Indeed it was fun! As always, thank you for your splendid hospitality.  I attended my 3rd + 4th seminars in one week and I look forward to attending the Master Class Day in October with Richard. 
What started as a hobby, my NLP pursuits have become a genuine course of study for me.  

Marea Laoutari Deligianni - The Secrets of Hypnosis

The Seminar was a life changing experience!
I am a Life Coach / Strategic Interventionist and I got many new ways to be able to help my clients!
I already did a hypnosis yesterday to one of my clients -who had just found out something nasty about her husband- and she walked out of my office rejuvenated and feeling powerful!

Vivian McKinnon - The Secret of Hypnosis

Signed up to the Secrets Of Hypnosis in October 2015 then waited patiently for the dates to arrive.
After studying NLP, Hypnosis and various other approaches for many years i decided it was time to be inspired by Dr Richard Bandler himself, Paul McKenna (while i admired his work, I had not studied or even read any of his stuff) initially, was just a wee bonus.

Pascale Besnier - Master Practitioner May 2016

Thank you, for giving us the possibility to do this NLP training course in october and in may. That was for me such beautiful moments.

The Magic that is Bandler by Lauren Chambers

Attending a Richard Bandler training course is advertised as “promising a whole new level of experience.” Tempted, I recently joined one.
I was rather sceptical about how 350 people could all be affected similarly, but I went with an open mind. Getting to London is a bit of a trek with a car, train, two tubes and walk, all of which are invariably accompanied by engineering works, staff shortages and inclement foliage.

AJ - NLP Practitioner May 2016

To whom it may concern
I had a spectacular magical experience, it was very fantastic meeting people from all over the world, able to put things in practice, seeing the changes in people in every way, especially after been with DR Richard Bandler, John La Valle and Kathleen La Valle.
The Phobia day was very fantastic too seeing all this people including me getting rid of our phobia.

Tea Guttsmann. Course NLP Master Practitioner May 16

”I opened myself up to laughter and happiness Thanks to you all inspiring teachers, assistants and the whole crew and a special thanks to Dr Richard Bandler for showing me how to bring laughter into my life!”
Now I am gonna watch NLP life talks and enjoy my gift!
Looking forward to upcoming events.
Best, (Lo)
now instead my birth name Tea Guttsmann 

Alastair Smith - NLP Master Practitioner

Hi NLP friends, just completed my Master Practitioner course in London. Richard Bandler,John and Kathleen La Valle delivered an inspirational, in-depth journey of the mind which has changed my life forever. Words can't  do justice on the impact this course has had on me.
Having worked in a stressful environment for the last 25 years at a senior level, I have decided to leave my job and broaden my horizons, doing the things I want to do my way utilising the new skills and knowledge the NLP LIFE training has given me.

Suzie Flynn - NLP Licensed Practitioner

The course was an amazing, life changing experience and I feel so inspired and full of hope and have a much clearer vision for the future. I also never knew I could have so much fun and laugh so hard plus I met lots of wonderful new people. I'm now moving full steam ahead with setting up my coaching business and am looking forward to incorporating my new NLP skills into this. Can't wait to return in October for 'Get the Life you Want' and in the mean time...just reeeeelaaax :-) Thanks again to you, Richard, Kathleen, John and everyone else that helped make last week so, so special.

Mrinal Chakraborty - NLP Practioneer Course feedback

For the last 12 years, I had been working as a Sports Mental Toughness Coach for the Indian National Sports Teams. I had read multi various books by both Richard Bandler and Mackenna. I could say that so far I had absorbed not more than 10% of the Theories; Whereas this weekend(3rd and 4th October,2015) had broadened my horizon. The practical Trance sessions had enhanced my level of understanding to not less than 110%. That's the spirit of absorbing the power rather than merely observing it from afar. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you and your team for such a wonderful experience.