NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Text Testimonials

Lars Erik - Get the Life you Want

A late reply :
This weekend was magic. I loved the intro by Paul advising us about the potential trojan horses that we might have installed in our brains during the week-end.
Well organized. Nice people among participants and assistants. Amazing speakers!
What struck me most was that for about 11-12 days after the event I do not think I had even one negative thought! Nothing was impossible! Lovely feeling! 
A big thank you to you! 

Tea Guttsmann - Prac

I am Being in control of my own brainjuice Now I am more prepared helping others becom their better self I could do it again anytime. People were so friendly I had such a great week. 
Many thanks to all you participants teachers staff making this event possible now.

Laura - PEW

Although I thought I know almost everything about creating success from seminars and books, namely Dr. R. Bandler’s advices given especially to me made the biggest influence on my practical life. Challenging things became simpler and even funny. Now I feel attraction to new live experiences – that is the vibrant life in which I’m ready to immerse.

Louise French - An awesome weekend

An awesome weekend that I continue to benefit from a week later, as I continue to use the tools I learned on the course and pass them on to my clients. I am calmer, clearer and more determined than ever to continue mastering the practice of NLP so that I am ready to do the Master Practitioner Course and train in hypnosis.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to a life changing experience. 

Keith Rockhill - A wonderful inspiring weekend

Thank you for a wonderful inspiring weekend of NLP in the company of Richard, Paul, yourself, all the helpers and organisers and such a group of enthusiastic people.
I had such a great experience and my Life is changing already. I am so fully motivated towards my goals now and have an energy that just keeps increasing.

Thank you again and I would fully endorse and recommend this weekend and training to all.

Cheryle Casher - Richard and Paul had a magnetic and dynamic effect

Richard and Paul had a magnetic and dynamic effect on all participants. Whilst each of them uses a different approach, for me this worked so well. At the end of the Sunday session, they worked together and it changed the whole dynamics/energy in the room.I have been through a very difficult period this year, following the death of my son, and although I still experience profound grief at times, I now believe I have developed  the necessary coping strategies.

Robert Brennan - Secrets of Hypnosis

I attended the hypnosis weekend and it was a brilliant demonstration of what is really possibly with NLP & hypnosis. 
It opened my eyes to what I am capable of with the right guidance, as I had several successful experiences with people in the paired work break out sessions. 

William Fern - The Secret of Hypnosis

Dear Bernardo,....greetings from Frankfurt!
Indeed it was fun! As always, thank you for your splendid hospitality.  I attended my 3rd + 4th seminars in one week and I look forward to attending the Master Class Day in October with Richard. 
What started as a hobby, my NLP pursuits have become a genuine course of study for me.  

Marea Laoutari Deligianni - The Secrets of Hypnosis

The Seminar was a life changing experience!
I am a Life Coach / Strategic Interventionist and I got many new ways to be able to help my clients!
I already did a hypnosis yesterday to one of my clients -who had just found out something nasty about her husband- and she walked out of my office rejuvenated and feeling powerful!

Vivian McKinnon - The Secret of Hypnosis

Signed up to the Secrets Of Hypnosis in October 2015 then waited patiently for the dates to arrive.
After studying NLP, Hypnosis and various other approaches for many years i decided it was time to be inspired by Dr Richard Bandler himself, Paul McKenna (while i admired his work, I had not studied or even read any of his stuff) initially, was just a wee bonus.