NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Text Testimonials

The work that Dr Bandler does along with John and Kathleen is awesome.

I had such an amazing time at the NLP seminar. Meeting such wonderful people all on their own very different journey but finding ourselves in the same place looking for guidance.
I found every step of the way really helpful and altogether a truly life changing experience. The work that Dr Bandler does along with John and Kathleen is awesome. It has helped me in more ways than I can count and they have inspired me to become a great practitioner, follow up with my master prac seminar, so that I can help others in the same way!

Richard Bandler is just absolutely extraordinary

Wonderful and amazing course! I loved it. Richard Bandler is just absolutely extraordinary. A very inspiring man!
What I like is that I can put what I have learnt into practice immediately on myself. I had a repetitive negative thought that was depleting me,  and was able with the techniques I learned to move it and keep it away. And it did not take long to do. I managed while I was walking up the street in a matter of seconds. I then mentioned it to a friend of mine who asked that I help her. 

Katharina Aicher 

I'm hooked

I absolutely loved the training and found it not only extremely inspiring but also very practical in its usability with clients. I've already put much of my learning to use with the majority of my clients and have found the results highly impressive. I'm hooked and plan to continue with my NLP training and am already registered for the next one.

Julia Keller
NLP Licensed Practitioner October 2015

I feel happier, healthier and passionately determined to succeed

I have already studied and utilised NLP a lot in my business and personal life to great successes. However every one of my friends and mentors who have taught me things along the way all said, “For you to really get a handle on this you need to attend a course!” Finally I had an opportunity to go – the first two days moved a little slowly, but being a practitioner course we obviously have to start with basics. As soon as we got into the juicy stuff each moment for the rest of the week left me wide eyed at just how much detail and artistry goes into Richard's communication.

Dr. Richard Bandler cured my headaches

“ Dr Richard Bandler cured my headaches. I had had a head injury 4 years previously, and had suffered 4 years of incessant headaches, along with endless dizziness. I was spending nearly all my time asleep to rid myself of the 24/7 excruciating pain and dizziness. My whole life was on hold, with no hope of getting it back - until, Richard cured me! I was thinking that I wouldn’t be well enough to get through the day without going home to bed. I even had a really bad headache when I went up on stage.

I do feel so different myself.

Dear Bernardo

I thankyou you and your amazing team for a wonderful week of learning NLP,  I arrived home sunday evening and back to my role monday morning and gosh I see so much clearer its like i have new brain and eyes Iam going dizzy alot is this normal , i do feel so different myself.

It was the most AMAZING 7 days,

It was the most AMAZING 7 days, packed full of great content which was delivered with a large dose of humour, making learning all the more fun.  I loved every minute of it and my experience will make a HUGE difference to my life and my clients.
Thank you SO much Bernardo for making this possible. 
Warmest wishes
Margaret Yates
Choice Personal and Professional development
NLP Licensed Practitoner May 2015

I really enjoyed the training

I really enjoyed the training and it was an opportunity to mingle and share ideas with people from other parts of the world. Dr. Richard was fantastic and Paul Mckenna was at his best. I even had an opportunity to take picture with Paul McKenna!  It was worth travelling all the way from Africa to the UK.
Abiola Andrew-Iziogba (Mrs.)
Attended Paul McKenna's and Richard Bandler's Get The Life You Want