NLP Life Training - 10 Years



Testimonials NLP Practitioner - May 2019 from Riikka

An amazing and inspiring week behind us, and amazing things already beginning to happen...cannot wait to start practising and keep the magic of language alive.

Riikka Lariikka

Testimonials NLP Practitioner - May 2019 from Louise

Thank you to Richard John and Kathleen.

Kathleen I now have singing Rats as companions ( you had to be there ! )

I will be forever grateful.

I met and want to stay In touch with wonderful warm generous people.

What a privilege to be a part of such an amazing and diverse community.

Louise Henwood

Testimonials Get the Life You Want - May 2019 from Paul

NLP Life Training thank you , my brain has now opened up to a whole new world of information and detail that is fascinating and also ( nearly said but there lol ) provides the extra tools.

I needed to progress personally and professionally.

Paul Fitzgerald

Testimonials May 2019 from Paul

Well what a life changing last seven days !!

I’m already noticing so many things.

I was oblivious about before esp people’s body language/behaviour and language patterns - I have a friend who uses but all the time and actually negates a positive first half of the sentence....told them it’s banned !

Testimonials - May 2019 from Riikka

This is First Class training, wonderfully eye-opening, transforming and fun.

I recommend it in a heartbeat.

Thank you so much, I'm very proud to be part of this community!

Riikka Lariikka

Testimonials Get the Life You Want - May 2019 from Brian

Gotta say that the Prac and Master Prac seminars were Eye opening, Horizon finding, Life Changing events ... this October a refresher I hope :-)

Brian J. Byrne

Testimonials Get the Life You Want - May 2019 from Sthefania

Kathleen La Valle is a really cool woman who knows her stuff!

Your teaching skills, was like music to my ears!

I love it every minute of it!

Thank you for the amazing trainning in London

Sthefania Rodrigues

Testimonials Get the Life You Want - May 2019 from Mark

I am now a licensed Master practitioner in Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) under Dr Bandler.

What a throuroughly brilliant and inspiring 9 days.

Mark Finnis

Testimonials Get The Life You Want - May 2019 from Miha

From the moment I saw the post I am trying to find the best words to describe it.

Well, I can't find anything.

This is the most complete, interactive, exciting, curious, mind blowing experience I have ever had.

Best experience ever! Thank you!

Miha Tudor - miha_tudor2008

Testimonials Get the Life You Want - May 2019 from Fusun

Thank you so much for the pictures.

I am so happy to see them since I am one of the future artists drawing angel wings at the table Enjoyed the Master Practitioner training with Mr. Genius, Richard Bandler himself.

This was another dream coming thru.

I would say; Always learn from the masters and create your own authentic way.

Thank you for all your efforts and hospitality.

Fusun Rynart - lifehealingacademy