NLP Life Training - 10 Years



...An inspiration for women... exceptional speaking and presentation skills...

 "?It was a lovely and rewarding weekend and a pleasure to meet you. Michele I must say you are an inspiration for women with your exceptional speaking and presentation skills and it is so kind of you to share all your tips and techniques for the better of others."

Neelam F

Powerful Presentation Skills, 25th-26th June 2011

An absolutely fantastic time

I would like to say I had an absolutely fantastic time during the 9 days of the licensed practitioner course. As an education specialist, I have gained an array of tools and techniques from the technology of NLP. The facilitation of the course by Richard and John was thoughtful, enlightening and above all fun.

I look forward to working with you in the future and have enrolled on the master practitioner course as a result of the excellent service this programme provided.


Kind regards,


Mike Gore


Hi. I just wanted to say what a fabulous 9 days, the best 9 days ever. I not only managed to conquer my fear of public speaking but I also had the pleasure of meeting some of the most interesting, kindest people in the world.


Truly life changing!


Thank you


Debbie Lloyd-Phillips

Licesed Practitioner of NLP 8/05/11

Laura Spicer's "Voicepower" training weekend was phenomenal

It was great to see you again at this weekend's training with Richard Bandler and John La Valle.

As I said to you then, Laura Spicer's "Voicepower" training weekend was phenomenal.

Not only did I personally experience a powerful transformational change but I also saw, over the two days, how all the other course participants demonstrated tremendous changes too.

Laura's course should re-run continuously on the NLP Life Training programme so that other people can benefit from Laura's training and life-enhancing coaching skills.

All the best,

Sandra Cromey

Learning NLP and training with Richard has made me millions of dollars

"The strategies and techniques that I learnt from training with Richard Bandler have made me millions of dollars and have had the most profound effect on my life, so if your serious about becoming rich & successful then you must learn NLP from Richard Bandler".

Richard Bandler has transformed so many.

Richard Bandler has tranformed the minds, performance, and lives of individuals, atheletes, and business people around the world. The impact and reach of his work cannot be even broadly estimated on a global scale but it can be precisely measured in one life at a time--including mine.

Spike Humer is a highly successful business executive, entrepreneur, seminar leader, and consultant with more than twenty-five years of real world, hands-on experience leading both public and private companies throughout North America.

The Most Enlightening experience of my life.

Simply put alongside going traveling this has been the single most enlightening experience of my life.

I have learnt for the first time in many, many years. Simplicity of explanation and genuine passion of delivery were the keys to its success, and those keys are firmly held by Richard, John and Kathleen.

I have changed the way I think

I was advised by some colleagues to attend a NLP course as they said it would help me in my work and personal life. I attended the course with no prior knowledge of NLP or having never heard of Dr Richard Bandler and having now been on the practitioner course would strongly recommend the course to anyone. I left having changed the way I think and now have the knowledge to continue to improve myself and also the tools to help others.

Prepare to laugh with Richard Bandler

Thanks for a masterful week and as requested my quick quote which I  hope proves useful.  “Richard Bandler has the ability to educate and entertain at the same time – prepare to laugh and learn as the maestro joyfully delivers”!.

Mike Loginov. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 24th October 2010

Intense and profound

All of the seminar has been a highlight (specially trance states) and the friends I have made. The greatest lesson is that I have control anywhere. This has been the most intense and profound experience of my life (so far)

Sue Evans. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 14/05/10