NLP Life Training - 10 Years



##*~## Brilliant!

The highlight has beeen new people, new purpose, new friends. The greatest lesson has been to use no limitation as a limitation. I came to the course hoping to learn techniques for training. I leave the course, knowing i can do so much more NOW.

Sean Hackett. Licensed Practitioiner of NLP 14/05/10

Richard Bandler is a veritable Magician...

The highlight of the seminar has been Richard Bandler's presentations, he is a veritable magician!. His approach is very direct, focused and guide you steadily along the path to change with incredible humour!!

Angela A. Murray Licensed Practitioner of NLP 14/05/10

Excellent Staff.

The highlight of the seminar was the Phobia Change day, the greatest lesson is that the mind can be re-programmed easily. The staff and assistants were excellent, more people should know how to use NLP. Richard was excellent.

Neophytos Efstathiou. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 14/05/10



I would reccomend this to anyone.

The highlight of this seminar is seeing Dr. Bandler at work, the greatest lesson about the course is the structure. I would recommend this to anyone willing to learn, it has "rekindled" my curiousity. It was super, fun open, intelligent, provocative and considered.


David Groeger. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 14/05/10

Actual change? Just do it.....

The highlight of the seminar: Richard Bandler, the greatest lesson how to trance and do hypnosis. I think the trainers are all fantastic, they offer a variety of styles, it was FANTASTIC, Excellent. This seminar and NLP in general is perfect for people who are interested in results; perhaps they have already had the experience of physcotherapy; now they are looking for actual change; just do it!.

Russel Altendorff. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 14/05/10

Philp Braiden.. NLP Life delivers.

If you want the best, NLP Life delivers in droves. Creating change with the change creator Richard Bandler, add to this the linguistic talents of John la Valle.

The trainers are great, really helpful and friendly, reassuring and make it so easy to ask questions.  Thank you.

Philip Braiden. Master Practitioner of NLP 25/10/09

Barry Collins... It Amazes me

It amazes me that 9 days can have such a profound effect and cause such a dramatic shift in attitude. An energetic team who have ensured that my learning experience has been incredibly rewarding and lots of fun.


Barry Collins. Master Practitioner of NLP 25/10/09

Micheal Neace...No one can compare.

Learning NLP from Richard could be linked to learning Windows from Bill Gates or Christianity from Jesus- No One can Compare!.

The trainers optimism and positivity is infectious. The greatest lesson is that change can be quick.

Michael Neace. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 09/10/09

Mike Stoner...A life changing event.

This seminar is a life changing event.

Mike Stoner. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 09/10/09

Franck Montoro.... full of great humour.

The seminar was elegant, resourcefull and full of great humour.The trainers are great, helpfull, friendly and available. The greatest lesson of the course is that I can do whatever I want!!


Franck Montoro Licensed Practitioner of NLP 09/10/09