NLP Life Training - 10 Years



Christian Dobrila... it will change your life.

Even if this is a training seminar, it will change your life. It has for me. The trainers are very good and experienced.

Christian Dobrila. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 09/10/09

Heidi Daraher... A fantastic learning experience

A fantastic learining experience with this course I feel I have many tools for personal change, Id like this to keep going on now.... ready for the Master Practitioner.

The trainers and assistants are inspiring and very supportive, thank you all.

Heidi Daraher. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 09/10/09

Paula Goode....The trainers are electric and very good.

This has been the most effective course on communication and behaviour that I have ever done after 20 years of working in healthcare. The trainers are electric and very helpfull.

Paula Goode. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 09/10/09

Richard Hart..They are legends

Richard and John are legends in their field. A complete joy to listen to. The greatest thing I have learnt is about language and how effective NLP can be.

Richard Hart. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 09/10/09

Tony Antoniou... I wish I had attended this seminar 20 years ago.

I wish I had attended this seminar 20 years ago, I can see the possibilities and the positive impact this course has already had in just a week.

Richard is absolutely amazing and his insight and perspective are trully inspring . John brings you down to earth and builds you up over the seven days which is very inspiring. The more you see him the more you like him.

The greatest lesson is that I have it within my self to change. This course is different because of the enthusiasim and the experential learning.

Tony Antoniou Licensed Practitioner of NLP 09/10/09


Carole Powell... A lot of fun

A wonderful journey of self discovery and a lot of fun!. Richard Bandler and John La Valle are charismatic and inspiring.

Michael Benson... Really well organised seminar

Really well organised and structured event, very knowledgable staff. The speakers are top class, well versed in NLP, inpirational, approachable and supportive.

Michael Benson. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 09/10/09

Susan Biteheil. Richard Bandler is a very generous man

It would be great if everybody in the world sticked to this amazng approach to life. Richard Bandler I feel honoured to have heard him speak, he is a very generous man. John La  Valle, this guy is awesome. I love the way he coaches what a blast.


Susan Bitheil. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 09/10/09

Peter Samuel...Totally re-ignted my passion.

Having worked in sales and human resources for 15 years this course has totally re-ignited my passion for working with people and helping them get the very best out of themselves.

The trainers are highly passionate individuals with great motivational skills and ability to push you harder that before.

Peter Samuel. Licensed Practitioneer of NLP 09/10/09

Robert Lopez...Excellent corporate Training.

The Business Practitioner Course has enabled me to channel my infinate potential and the awareness to enhance my capabilities in resolving the challenges that the corporate enviroment generates on a dayy to day basis.