NLP Life Training - 10 Years



Testimonials The Secret of Hypnosis - May 2018

"Pound for Pound, this is by far the most valuable personal growth event I've ever attended, my only regret is that I didn't find my way here, earlier."

Neil Cowmeadow.

Testimonial Richard Bandler Mentorship from Nancy

"The Bandler Mentorship propels me in new ways. I perceive more clearly. I respond more elegantly. I am accomplishing things that have eluded me before."

Nancy Cramer

Testimonial Richard Bandler Mentorship from Tom

As someone who wanted to develop his own NLP business I found the mentorship programme invaluable. Not only did I learn lots from Richard about NLP but he also provided invaluable support in setting up my new business venture. Sharing ideas and experiences with my fellow participants from all over the world was also a really enjoyable part of the programme. I wouldn’t hesitate being mentored by Dr Bandler to anyone!

Testimonial Richard Bandler Mentorship from Nancy

Thank you so much for the Bandler Mentorship Program.  It has prepared me for future success in ways I could not have imagined.
I realized the return on my investment in the first one-on-one with Dr. Bandler.  Upon presenting my business plan, Dr. Bandler quickly identified key issues that would have led to significant loss in time and money if I had continued on my proposed trajectory.  These insights alone, saved me the amount I had spent on the program.  

Testimonial Personal Enhancement for Christina

Imagine Leonardo, himself, giving you a guided tour of his works. Would you miss such an opportunity?​

Testimonial Personal Enhancement for Sylvia

I went to see Richard Bandler because i had a hash addiction, the main reason why i smoked so much, around ten joints a day, was to forget what happened to me.
And because I lost the joy for life.
My story, I lost my child on sids in 1986, Jeffrey was only 4.5 months and I was only 19. I was devastated for 3years, than i met my husband and we were very happy for 15 years and had two beautiful girls.

Rebecca - Get the Life you Want

This was an amazing event and much more than I imagined it would be. I went there hoping that I would come away clearer on how I would like to plan my future, instead I came away looking forward to the rest of my life and now considering all the opertunities that life has to offer with a new attitude. Richard Bandler is so funny and made the time go so quickly. Thanks for organising such an amazing event and showing me how life is supposed to be lived.


Testimonials Get the Life You Want - Oct 2017

I have to say attending the Get the life you want seminar weekend was one of the best things I have done in my life. I attended with my son who has just started university. Having trained as an NLP practitioner a few years ago I really wanted my son to see how these kinds of events make such a difference in our lives. He was sceptical to begin with but absolutely loved every minute when he got there.

It was always a dream of mine to meet Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler, can't believe it actually happened!

Testimonials Get the Life You Want - Oct 2017

I loved get the life you want. It was full of amazing things to learn from Paul and Richard. The staff were very helpful and i made a couple of great friends along the way. I had the opportunity to work with Paul McKenna on stage who definitely changed my life for the better. I left smiling and it really was one of the most positive weekends i ever had.

Kalpna - Get the Life you Want