NLP Life Training - 10 Years



You have to come to this

It’s been absolutely fantastic. I’ve actually felt the effect of last night’s talk and it’s really sort of seeped in, in a very good way. Yeah. 
I can just say if you want to have a life changing experience you have to come 

It's damn good value!

Richard is a very charismatic entertaining guy. There’s also a, I don’t know how to put it, natural force in him. He’s very convincing and it’s his delivery and what he says.
It's damn good value!


Puts you in the driving seat

Fantastic experience and just what I needed. Very empowering, puts you in the driving seat, gives you the skills that you can use and put them to work immediately I think. Very practical, very worthwhile.

it’s really, really great to experience this

It’s great. There’s a lot of techniques underneath what they say, what they do. 

Totally different and it is a very good experience

I learned a lot of techniques. It’s very good because we are learning and we are sharing ideas... It’s totally different and it is a very good experience.

Neil Obino
Life coach and NLP practitioner


I recommend it!

Richard talks to your subconscious - and you can’t really get that from a book. 
I recommend it!

Financial adviser

Seminar: Get The Life You Want with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler

It's great, absolutely great

Very interesting, very different. Richard, Mr Bandler, I don’t know, there’s just something about him. It’s amazing, just, yeah. He's very funny. I mean it's great, absolutely great.

Jeanette Schumacher

It’s better to do it in the flesh

I was interested to meet Richard Bandler in person. I think it’s better to do it in the flesh. You can get so much from a book but the actual vibe in the room is something that is important in these kinds of skills.