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Gill Fielding

Learn how to invest in property with Secret Millionaire Gill Fielding Have you ever thought about investing in property?

Do you need a helping hand to get started?

Gill Fielding started property investing with a small semi in Sussex when she was 19 and since then has grown it into a multi million pound portfolio.

You may not want to create your own multi million pound portfolio…

You may just want one or two properties to create a source of ongoing income or as a pension pot. On the other hand you may want to give up the day job and turn property investing into your full time business.

Whichever it is, Gill will share with you her tips and techniques so you can decide if property investing is for you… either as an additional income, a pension pot or as a full time business.

Talking of pensions…

Most people don’t have adequate pensions pots, haven’t saved enough money for a long enough period to be able to retire comfortably, if at all.

Gill will show you how if done correctly, property investing can provide you with the monthly income and lifestyle you want to give up work… and STILL leave an inheritance for your children.

Gill is a self-made millionaire with huge credibility in the financial world. She has featured as a ‘Secret Millionaire’ on Channel 4, a business expert on The Apprentice – You’re Fired, and a financial commentator for the BBC, ITV and CNBC. Gill is a naturally gifted presenter and a dynamic, humorous and motivational speaker with nearly 40 years of experience as a property investor.

So, if you’ve always wanted to invest in property but didn’t know how to get started, Gill will show you the exact property investing strategies she used to become financially free so you can decide if property investing is right for you.
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