NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Matt Wingett. I had no idea!

When I first went on the NLP Practitioner training course, I had no idea of the changes and transformations I would see in myself and in others. Richard Bandler and the rest of the team showed me how to identify areas in myself which I needed to improve, and then guided me through how to succeed in my emotional life and in my business connections with a mixture of brilliant humour and the teaching of sound and well proven techniques.

To realise that some of the deepest fears and problems that people had been carrying for years can be dissolved in minutes by the applications of the techniques we were taught has been mind boggling, and empowering.

After finishing the NLP Practitioner course, I cured NINE PHOBIAS IN A WEEK, as well as helping a colleague to overcome anger issues at work and being more creative than I have ever been in the past!.

My personal life has changed beyond recognition, I find myself able to focus on my work with ease, and to face challenges which in the past would have seemed insurmountable. This is the most highly valuable course I have ever been on. My advice to those considering the course is this: Be prepared to change into the person you always wanted to be. That goal is achievable.  You will learn exactly how to get there.


Matt Wingett

Freelance Writer


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