NLP Life Training - 10 Years

She has a lifetime to put it into practice...

Feed back from the seminar on 24th January 2009:

I came with my daughter and we were both quite open minded and not quite sure what to expect.

I have been hypnotised before - a long time ago to give up smoking and it worked for me, so I was sure I would be susceptible to hypnosis.

As it transpired the day was not just about hypnotising people. Paul said he would be using a 'blunderbuss' approach and that different
approaches/issues would be applicable to different people. He certainly understands all the issues around being overweight and overeating.

He is a very entertaining speaker, he kept our attention throughout the day, he was fun, informative, emotive, supportive and intuitive. Remarkably he never shyed away from some very difficult situations, many of the people there had, understandably quite a lot of emotional difficulties and he always tried to get to the heart of their problems. I was quite surprised when people started crying or got upset, but later in the day - both myself and my daughter started to feel very emotional - it was the part where he said we need to be kind to ourselves. He made a little joke about being unkind to ourselves in the mirror in the morning - saying that it would set up a negative field of energy for the day. This really hit home and is
an area we are both working on.

Neither myself or my daughter are really overweight - but we wanted to be able to lose a few pounds and feel more comfortable around food.

The seminar has definately delivered for us.

Purely from an information point of view - we learned a lot, but what was really great for my daughter is that she learned it at age 20 so she has a lifetime to put it into practice!

It seems that losing weight is actually a by-product of successfully making the internal changes we need to make.

Thank you very much for a memorable day

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