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Eyes On The NLP Master Practitioner, Autumn 2012

The NLP Master Practitioner with Richard Bandler is available to book now!
Richard Bandler
Richard Bandler will give you an Introduction to NLP in London, this October.

The great news for NLPers wanting to hone their NLP skills further is that the NLP Master Practitioner seminar will take place in London between 20th and 28th October 2012, giving established NLP Practitioners some of the deeper skills of NLP.  
The NLP Master Practitioner Course is one of the seminars Paul McKenna attended in order to learn how to make extraordinary changes in people.  It teaches you so much about NLP, including the skills of overt and covert hypnosis, how to identify the ways that people are thinking, and how to custom-make your NLP techniques to suit the person you are working with. 
"Anyone wondering what the next logical step is in their NLP training after the NLP Practitioner should really grab this," says Bernardo Moya, CEO of NLP Life Training, who are running the course.  "NLP is used extensively throughout life-coaching and by elite sportspeople, and the skills of the Master Practitioner make you even more effective than a Practitioner!"
Employed by alternative practitioners, HR managers, salespeople and negotiators, it has numerous powerful uses. More than 100,000 people have been trained by Dr Bandler in the UK.
As the co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler has the longest experience of using the skills of NLP, and has honed his courses to a precise format that teaches people all they need to know about becoming an NLP Master Practitioner in 9 days.
"During tough times and easy times, our courses at NLP Life remain extremely popular," says Bernardo Moya.  "The reason is that the tools you are taught in our classes enable you to get more from yourself, more from others and really put your difficulties behind you.  It's an extremely powerful piece of training that teaches you to focus on your goals and enjoy more success in your life by adopting the right attitudes and skills. That's why we get high-powered business people, actors, celebrities and many more signing up for our courses.  Learning NLP from Dr Richard Bandler will make a huge difference to your life!"
Early bird discounts are available for this course. To find out how you can learn the skills of NLP from the man who invented the term "NLP", students should follow the contact information below, now.

For further information go to:

or call 0845 260 7930, now

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