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Time To Get The Life You Want With Paul McKenna And Richard Bandler

NLP Life are pleased to announce the latest seminar with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna - Get The Life You Want, October 2012!
We've got some great news for everyone who's serious about making their lives better - thanks to Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler.
After their massively popular 2 day seminar last year, Paul and Richard invite you to join them again this autumn, live on stage in London at their latest Get The Life You Want seminar.
The two-day event on 13th and 14th October 2012 is set to focus on the latest success strategies that will help you master your emotions, discover what you want in life, gain more confidence and feel really good about yourself.
As masters of personal change, Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna have written dozens of books and taught hundreds of thousands of people how to improve their lives.
Commenting on the special chemistry that exists between himself and Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler says: 
"When the two of us get together, the people in our audience change. If you want to be one of them, you're looking for a new direction, a chance to really get started, really get motivated this is the perfect seminar for you."
At Get The Life You Want, you will also learn how to make better decisions, become more motivated, learn the secrets to quick and lasting life change, discover the latest success strategies and begin to direct your life where you want it to go.
Every attendee will also receive free CDs by Bandler and McKenna to the value of £140.
"It's fantastic value, and it's going to be a magical two days," says promoter Bernardo Moya, CEO of NLP Life Training. "Get The Life You Want is a powerful 2 day course that many have used to start their new direction in life - but that's not all. For many wanting to get a "quick top-up" of the latest NLP related skills, the course is also highly recommended."
Don't delay - there are discounts for early booking of this fantastic event!

For further information or to book now, go to:, or call 0845 260 7930.

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