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Your Chance To Attend Richard Bandler's Introduction To NLP in 2012

NLP Life are pleased to announce the latest seminar with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna - Get The Life You Want, October 2012!
Richard Bandler
Richard Bandler will give you an Introduction to NLP in London, this October.

Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of the mind-tool made famous by Paul McKenna, is back this autumn to deliver his ever-popular introductory talk about NLP on 19th October 2012 in London.
NLP, the world famous mind-technique, stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming,. An approach to mind incorporating close study of body language, hypnosis and spoken language, it helps people over come problems and become more more successful and effective in life.
As well as Paul McKenna, other users of NLP include billionaire chat show host Oprah Winfrey, motivational guru Anthony Robbins and numerous other leaders in the arts, business and industry.
In this autumn's talk, Dr Bandler will reveal the roots of NLP, explore the discoveries he made in the 1970s and NLP's development into the worldwide phenomenon it is today.
"The fact is that people continue to come to our classes, through tough times and easy times. NLP is about helping you get the best out of yourself - and now it's absolutely vital that you do exactly that," says Bernardo Moya, CEO of NLP Life Training.
With more than 100,000 people trained by Dr Bandler and his team in the UK alone, NLP has helped thousands overcome phobias, anxiety and other problems, and is a key tool for motivating people to get more from their lives.
This talk is a rare opportunity to learn about NLP straight from the man who invented the term "NLP".  Dr Bandler's three hour talks, along with demonstrations of NLP techniques are always well attended, so you are invited to book early!

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