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Motivate yourself to success. Andrew Morris's story.

Motivate yourself to success. Andrew Morris's story.
When Dr Richard Bandler interviewed Andrew Morris, he wanted to know how he motivated himself to the success he has enjoyed in life.
Since Andrew is a multi-millionaire businessman who started the Business Design Centre, owned and managed Earls Court and Olympia and ran the National Exhibit Centre in Birmingham as Chief Executive, it's a question well worth asking!
This transcript, from the video series The Secrets of Success [LINK TO PRODUCT], reveals Morris's motivation strategy.
RB           When you motivate yourself do you have an image of yourself being able to do something, and when you look at it you’re enticed by it, or ...?  What made you think you could go back to school and do it well?
AM         I guess there was something in me that was a bit of a perfectionist.  If I can’t win or be one of the best then I don’t really wanna play the game.  Something probably in my gut pulls me towards it.
RB           Huh mm.
AM         It’s like a bit of a magnet pulling me or pushing me in that direction.
RB           Okay.
AM         And it’s very difficult to break it down and analyse what that is.  It’s not –
RB           [Over-speaking.]  Well let me pry a little bit and see if maybe you can, ‘cause I think you can.  In order to be a perfectionist you have to have some clear understanding of what to be pulled towards and what to push away from.
AM         I’m actually ... let me just rephrase that, I’m not a perfectionist, I’m a pragmatist.  I’ll try and use a shortcut to get to where I need to, but I want to do it really well.  I don’t think that’s perfection, it’s pragmatism.
RB           Okay.  But you have to have some idea of what well will be, don’t you?
AM         Okay.
RB           Okay.  And so you could either base what doing well is off of memories or off of some kind of construction in your mind.  And so do you kinda have a vision of what doing well would be and then you feel attracted towards it?
AM         I think I’ve got a naturally creative mind that will work overtime at visualisation.
RB           Huh mm.
AM         And so I like diagrams and pictures, illustrative approach, rather than necessarily a narrative one.
RB           So, instead of seeing a movie of yourself, you have diagrams or animation, or ...?
AM         No, funnily enough, the ego in me, -
RB           Yes.
AM         - will probably create a movie of myself, or a book or an interview by a well-known celebrity or whatever, so I would actually put myself in a position where I’ve arrived at whatever that place is in terms of what success looks like, which is around profile and ego.  And then I will work out quite logically the steps I need to get there.  And I remember at sixteen, fourteen, fifteen walking to school or walking back from school in the dark doing an interview with myself as if I was some kind of great hero in the world of commerce and business, and creating, doodling a logo, and ABM logo, which is my initials, and what that would look like in terms of graphics and design and something looked solid and confident.
RB           You sound a little bit like not only do you go into the future and step backwards but again the devil is in the details and, as you said, you put a lot of details, you got down to the logo even in your imagination.  Whereas some people might go, ‘Gosh, I’d like to be a movie star,’ but they don’t back up through all the things you have to do, they don’t realise you have to memorise a script, you have to do this, you have to do all these things.  You know, you’re walking down a dark street as a kid designing logos inside your mind.  See, to me this seems like a powerful structure to begin to teach people how to learn to be a great entrepreneur.
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