NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Head and shoulders above any previous experience

An exciting and an infinitely exquisite training; head and shoulders above any previous experience.
Is it all due to the mystic charisma of Dr Bandler - or his delicate hypnosis - or his powerfully calm confidence? I do not know. What I know is that I am very motivated to continue my NLP learning. I feel I am only at the start of a wondrous journey, and each new step brings yet unseen horizons. On the outside as equally as on the inside...
A huge THANK YOU to Kathleen La Valle and John La Valle for their unbelievably simple teaching style, which made the most complex concepts straightforward and easy, almost elementary.
Many thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of the assistant trainers, with special thanks to June O'Driscoll for her glowing smile and incredibly warm energy.
Last but not least, many thanks to the organisers - for creating the precious experience by bringing all the special people together! I hope, NLPLIFE will one day decide to create a continuing community of amazing people around the company, through e.g. organizing an NLP practice group.
Mesmerised by Richard's Genius,

NLP Practitioner Course, October 2013

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