NLP Life Training - 10 Years

I feel happier, healthier and passionately determined to succeed

I have already studied and utilised NLP a lot in my business and personal life to great successes. However every one of my friends and mentors who have taught me things along the way all said, “For you to really get a handle on this you need to attend a course!” Finally I had an opportunity to go – the first two days moved a little slowly, but being a practitioner course we obviously have to start with basics. As soon as we got into the juicy stuff each moment for the rest of the week left me wide eyed at just how much detail and artistry goes into Richard's communication.

The easy to follow step by step processes that John and Kathleen taught us not only filled in gaps in my understanding I wasn't even aware were there – but also gave me access to fresh new possibilities regarding the depth and effectiveness of communication with clients, business associates, friends, family and personal relationships. It's been nearly a month since the course and each passing day seems to grow in quality in life. Challenges like quitting coffee and carbs and starting to focus on exercising and pushing my limits all felt like they just came naturally without any resistance.

Because of eating better, feeling more energetic, being able to accomplish more faster I'm nearly in a position to launch my own company, something I don't know if beforehand I ever felt truly confident to do. It is true that these achievements have all been on the 'to do list' and that they probably would have gotten done at some point – whether or not this course made them happen quicker or made them happen at all isn't exactly the point. My point is, I haven’t felt happier, healthier and passionately determined to succeed in all areas I turn my attention to ...and that's priceless.

Rizwan Hussain
NLP Licensed Practitioner May 2015
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