NLP Life Training - 10 Years

My life has changed dramatically.

Four months have passed since we took the Master Class of Paul McKenna on May 2013.
My life looks settled well as same as before. But my family problem (I had an estranged family) has changed better and at least my attitude for my life has transformed dramatically.
In the Master Class, each participant expressed her or his problems to Mr. Paul McKenna one by one. There were four participants before me and their conversations with Mr. Paul McKenna had almost covered my problems already then.
Actually I started to learn hypnotherapy since 2011 and most of my teachers were Americans. In this year, I was put into the age regression therapy in a hypnotherapy class in US and I had remembered so abhorrent memories -I am a survivor of child incest abuse - and I have been in unbearable pain not to accept, solve or release them. I decided to consult this problem to Mr. Paul McKenna.
To reveal such my bad memories was a disgrace of my family and my embarrassment of course. In my sense as a Japanese culture (I am a Japanese.), it has no common sense to talk such a personal and family issue. Perhaps many parts of world, such a topic should be taboo. But I was in foreign country, UK, far away from Japan and as nobody knew me there, I decided to consult my shameful and suffering story to Mr. Paul McKenna then…..
When my turn came and Mr. Paul McKenna looked at my eyes, (to be precise, since a couple of seconds ago maybe), I could recognize visually and supersensually that he had put me in trance, There was a brief silence and he listened to my traumatic experience from childhood abuse. Then he started to ask me some questions on subconscious level.
I did realize that he was talking to my subconscious.
His talk made it clear what the blockage in my life and behaviors was and what my subconscious really wanted me. 
His healing touches made me refreshed and completely better than ever.
Finally, he gave a suggestion on me to have my partner and children in future.
On the next month of his Master Class, I met a man whom I can really enjoy talking with. I cherish time to spend with him now. I hope he will be my life partner.
Now, I am appreciating that the coincidence and inevitability in life and the happiness to be obtained by transformation of subconscious.
Since my adolescent age, I had experienced bullying, school refusal, domestic violence, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, suicidal attempts and so on. I suffered from many physical problems and also difficulties in social and personal relationships, but I believe such difficult my life was to see Mr. Paul McKenna.
I will continue to respect him and I will live because he is there in unbounded thankfulness for him. 
After feeling his genius in front of my very eyes, I have decided to follow him as a hypnotherapist and healer mentor. His gift from God is supreme!! And he is my eternal goal now!! 
Yuka O, MD, Hypnotherapist
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