NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Best thing about the course ... learning without knowing you’re learning

Eugenia Olavide, originally from Argentina now living and working in recruitment in England, attended the Licensed Practitioner Course in May 2012, taught by Richard Bandler, John LaValle and Kathleen LaValle. We asked Eugenia what she thought about the course.
"What do I think about the course?  I think it’s brilliant. It’s well balanced - the amount of experiences that they offer us. I think the different styles of the trainers; Richard, John and bringing Kathleen in, is fantastic. She brings the female energy and touch and the calmness, because, as a trainer, she’s amazing. The stories from Richard and John are just out of this world, they’re brilliant.
I’d say to people, just go online and enrol, stop thinking.  Go and enrol yourself, definitely. What’s the best thing about the course?  Best thing about the course I think it’s just how you learn, the style of teaching and educating us, learning without knowing you’re learning. I would describe the course as brilliant, brilliant and brilliant."
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