NLP Life Training - 10 Years

It was way beyond my expectations. An extraordinary experience

Here's a lovely testimonial we receiveed from Husam Al Doush, a delegate who attended our recent Licensed Practitioner of NLP course with Richard Bandler:

"I have read and heard a lot about Dr Bandler, but attending with him in person in o
ne room is a different story! Actually, It was way beyond my expectations. An extraordinary experience that could definitely make a remarkable and major change in my life. I have acquired new fantastic techniques about NLP and hypnosis, and how they could be extremely helpful to solve all our problems.

"This course is the best one I have ever attended in my life. It was interesting, entertaining, motivational, inspiring, practical, and fun at the same time. I have now a new definition of life and how it should be lived!

"On the other hand, meeting all those brilliant delegates who came from all over the world is an exceptional experience by itself. I had the chance to work and exercise with people who have different mentalities and huge expertise in all life fields. Each of them is coming for a purpose, and in some way, we could benefit from it all. Furthermore, the setup and arrangement for this event was great in all means. Everything was organized perfectly and so smooth. The facilitation team was also great.

"I want to thank you all for all your efforts and especially Rachel and Carla, the one with the loveliest smile ever!

"I think I will start budgeting for joining you next October in the master practitioner course. Can't really wait to be with you again!"

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