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"I felt looked after and part of a team" The Secrets of Hypnosis with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna

Here's Shaun Maloney's thought-provoking testimonial for The Secrets of Hypnosis with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna
I don't normally write testimonials but this time I felt compelled.  I have recently attended The Secret of Hypnosis in London and was greatly impressed with the whole structure.  From the moment I arrived until the end when I was handed my certificate I felt looked after and part of a team, which I thought was impressive considering there were nearly 300 present.
I am an army veteran with some pretty significant injuries and as well as conventional drugs, I use hypnosis and NLP to manage my condition.  I also work on a daily basis with a well known charity that assists people like me in getting some kind of 'normality' back into their life, finding work or any other meaningful activity.  The tools I have learned to date have been extended by finally getting to listen and to watch Dr Bandler and Paul.  It's a great feeling to know that I have learned new strategies from them that I have already been applying to the people I help...with great success I might add.  
I'd like to thank you and the whole team for providing those life changing, penny dropping moments through me to hundreds of veterans who might be having a hard time of it.
A rather profound testimonial, but I feel it's important that I let you and your team know of the great work you are doing in sharing your experience and skill and on behalf of the veterans I have helped and myself a heart-felt thanks in getting us on the road again.  Thankyou

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