NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Licensed Practitioner with Richard Bandler "I feel I have reborn in a happier way"

This heartwarming testimonial from Consuelo Summers, a consultant from Buenos Aires really moved us:
"It has been an enriching experience last week attending the NLP Seminar in London. 
Yesterday evening, while having dinner with my kids, my 14-year-old son Tadeo, said to me:  ‘Mom, you came back different from London’.  I was sort of surprised with his reflection and answered him: ‘What do mean...? In which sense…?’.  And he answered:  ‘You are happier, more relaxed, as if you were enjoying life more’. 
I was astonished with his capability of perceiving a change in me.  It must be quite evident the transformation.
I feel I have reborn in a happier way and you and the rest of the team have been part of it. Thank you!"
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