NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Licensed Practitioner with Richard Bandler "I was mesmerised by Dr Bandler"

Chak Resh thoroughly enjoyed this May's Licensed Practitioner of NLP, with Dr Richard Bandler:
"I came to contact with NLP almost 24 years ago and I bought the Structure of Magic and few other books, almost exactly 21 years ago.
This course was a present to myself, I was curious about NLP, have been for years and now I am a Practitioner. That feels, sounds, looks, tastes and smells just wonderful. 
I was mesmerised by Dr Bandler one evening a few years ago. The  7 days with him went so quickly and its effect very much still there. I love his style and I admire his dedication to give us his absolute best. He does not have to do this and he does and we have had the privilege of being taught by the guy who came up with NLP. Maybe Dr Bandler had a similar feeling meeting Dr Erikson for the first time. I simply loved John, he took me back to my youth. The NLP gurus have the same taste in music and that made a huge impact. He complemented Dr Bandler well.
Kathleen is such an amazing pedagogue and so open, with a big smile. I can see her on the podium...I think she must have been one of the best teachers I have had in my life. Probably, the things she took up will remain fresh much longer in my memory. 
A hundred years from now or so, one will talk of NLP and Dr Bandler, just as once one spoke of Freud. And to have been taught by him is huge...even today.
The entire program was run very well and if one were to make some things better...
...I was curious how you would handle 250 people, with all the Assistants and above all the calibre of our teachers, it went perfectly.
I am very satisfied with the training. I have become an evangelist and I will recommend this to my friends. I hope to take one more course this year (hypnotism) and maybe Master's next year. 
NLP, what a concept, I am simply amazed by the power in the tools and methods. I had no intentions to practice NLP to help people, now I can see myself doing that. My interest has been in applying NLP in business & develop courses/workshops in applied NLP for the corporate sector and deliver them. Change Management, Leadership, team-dynamics, sales and negotiations and almost everything else can benefit from NLP thinking. 
In case you are aware of similar existing courses, pl let me know...then I won't have to develop them.
Rachel, Bernardo thanks for everything and we will meet on Facebook."
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