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Most amazing day EVER - Masterclass with Richard Bandler

Lavinia Musters, wrote this after going to the Masterclass with Dr Richard Bandler

Did you ever play the game with friends …..
‘who would you invite to dinner   …….. who would be your dream guests’?
……….    and you start thinking about the most interesting, inspiring and
powerful individuals you know – dead or alive ?
….   Well last Tuesday I played that game for real!
I found myself around a very large table – and it was lunch not dinner – with 19 
of the most inspiring and dynamic people I have had the privilege to meet and 
at the head was the main man – the man who should be at the top of everyone’s 
This was a MASTERCLASS arranged by the charismatic and charming          
Bernard Moya, for twenty ‘BANDLER’ followers and fans …. Or ‘BANFANS’  as we 
It didn’t disappoint …. In fact it was a most amazing day EVER!
Richard Bandler not only answered our questions, he gave us vignettes of his 
work, insight into his passions – and continually fired us with his bullets of 
should be known.
If we had any doubts around our professional potential before the day– I believe 
knowledge, wisdom and inspiration – 
and all served with his great humour and irony.
we each left the MASTERCLASS believing in our 
…. and with us now having 19 new colleagues to inspire and guide us along the 
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