NLP Life Training - 10 Years

NLP Licensed Practitioner with Richard Bandler "far exceeded my expectations"

Vanessa Woozley wrote to us to tell her experience of the NLP Practitioner training with Richard Bandler
"Sorry it has taken me so long to email you, in all honesty from the moment I finished the class I have been reading, formulating plans and doing further research.  This course far exceeded my expectations of what I wanted to learn, whilst giving me a feeling of positivity and the realisation that the only thing that will stop me starting my own company is me and it can't wait till next week!
"Please pass on my personal thanks to Richard, John, Kathleen and the team, never have I sat so still and hung on every word with such enamoured interest.  The course was so well put together, I felt like I learnt so much without having to take down a single note.  I know what I have learnt will stay with me for a long time and I will endeavour to keep researching and further developing my skills.
Thanks again 
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