NLP Life Training - 10 Years

The course was exemplary. Fantastic.

Nandu Menon, who works in Leadership Coaching and Sales Training, attended Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP course with Richard Bandler in October, 2012. Here is what he thought:

"The course was exemplary. Fantastic. The experiential learning I received from Richard Bandler. The comprehensive training I received from Kathleen La Valle and John. I had a generic idea about the concept of linguistic rescripting to the unconscious mind, but the way it can be used so effectively to put a person in trance I was absolutely astonished to see people go into a trance. Rapport building is very important for me in my work, but whoever I come into contact with I will certainly use these skills. If I were to sum up the course in three ideas, they are: fabulous structure, interactive teaching, and the pure charisma of Richard Bandler."

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