NLP Life Training - 10 Years

An excellent opportunity to discover the true source of change

Here's a great testimonial from sent in by Geoff from Australia after attending the NLP Practitioner training in May 2013 

It was great to have the chance to meet you and everyone at the NLP course. I have arrived back in Australia and would like to thank you for the amazing Licensed Practitioner of NLP course by Dr Richard Bandler and John/Kathleen LaValle. As you know I have attended many personal developments seminars as a part of my training and I thoroughly enjoyed the NLP course. The depth of experience and foundation work that Dr. Bandler has done over many years gives all of us an amazing opportunity to follow his example and be the change we want to see in the world. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone as it is an excellent opportunity to discover the true source of change in each and every one of us and then support others to do the same. It is also very enlightening to see the focus that Dr. Bandler is having to create change in the  world through education and impacting on communities etc
I am looking forward to using these principles and speeding up the change process in people and increasing my focus at a global level where I can create real changes that will be remembered for generations to come. This is my focus at the moment.

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