NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Today I am feeling happy and optimistic about everything

I attended the workshop this weekend and have to say that I found it to be an amazing experience!
I was the first participant onstage to work with Paul McKenna, using the one point exercise which was amazing in itself.  I had sent out a wish to have the opportunity to work one-to-one with Paul a few weeks after starting to listen to, and read, his book "Change Your Life In 7 Days".  The very next morning (after putting out this desire) I switched on BBC Breakfast News to be told that Paul would be coming on in about 20minutes!  When he said that he now lives in Hollywood I thought "well there goes my chance for a one-to-one".  But then he went on to talk about the Workshop so I dashed to my computer and booked a place thinking that to be in a room with him and  1000 plus other people was an acceptable substitute, and one that I felt comfortable with.
And then I had my opportunity to work with him, and because of the nature of the exercise and how he got everyone doing the one point exercise whilst using me as the example, I remained on stage.  And this gave me the chance to have a private conversation with him in which I explained how I had been asking for this.  He said that my ability to manifest abundance clearly didn't need much work!!!
Richard Bandler has also encouraged me to look at things from a different perspective.  I have a chronic health condition (M.E.) which I have been wrestling with for 17 years. I am finally seeing light at the end of the long tunnel, but had been seriously considering orthodontic treatment to correct a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problem.  However, Richard's reference to his own experience of walking again after his stroke (and to which he only briefly alluded to on the first afternoon) has sown a seed in my mind that my health is in my own power.  And, whilst I am not entirely dismissing the orthodontic route, I am looking at it as an option rather than a necessity.
I also found myself helping a lady who was blocking her time-line vision.  I suggested that she use the 'one-point exercise' because I felt that she had the volume turned up too high on the issue which was troubling her.  Incredibly (or so I thought) I helped her to get the feeling from off the scale, right down to the 1,2 mark in a very quick time.  She thanked me and seemed genuinely helped.  I was astounded!
And today I am feeling happy and optimistic about everything!  The worries and preoccupations that I was holding before the weekend no longer seem so important.
I am now seriously considering the NLP Practitioner Course.  I understand, from one of the Assistants, that the Course in April is being offered at a considerable discount.  Could you tell me more please?
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you
Kind Regards
Mary H
Get The Life You Want, 1st to 2nd October 2011


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