NLP Life Training - 10 Years

What's happened to me?

Dear Bernardo
Although I did both the Practitioner Course, and the Master Practitioner Course in latter years – (both were with Richard, and the 1st also with Paul), I’ve not done  a lot with it, and felt a bit ‘deskilled’; consequently, I thought this would be good, and  a ’treat’ for me.
I love the whole concept and application of NLP, and I think Richard is amazing with his ingenuity/ determination/ passion/ instinct/ acumin etc  in co-creating this field in the 1st instance, (and evolving it further too, an extra ‘wow’)
I also hold Paul in equally high regard for all his mastery, knowledge, and skills and his application (I have loads of his books and tapes, which are so clear and practicable, and thoughtfully and explicitly illustrated, and have helped me loads)
The GTLUW weekend:
Loved the charisma and presence and ‘giving of tools/inspirational stories/ insight’ of Paul and Richard.
Enjoyed the tools shared/ given/ illustrations; anecdotes; Paul particularly was quite generously explicit with offering tools as part of his presentations. (a lot of which was ‘revision’ for me,
but I enjoyed, benefitted from and found it helpful in its reinforcing).
Loved hearing the stories again around NLP / the mind/ mental ill-health and recovery (heard  a lot of it before but still found it compelling and entertaining) from the ‘master’/ ‘the God of mind mastery’)
I always feel honoured to be able to see Paul/ Richard ‘at work’ with the hypnotherapy stuff.
Trances great ... what’s happened to me?  My mindset is very different! – hurrah!
Kind regards
Nicky Rackham
Get The Life You Want, 1st to 2nd October 2011
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