NLP Life Training - 10 Years

A memory I will always cherish

I had my Practitioner's Certificate in May 2011 and it was so incredible, I immediately signed my 17 year old son up to it. Truthfully, I railroaded him into it. There was much eye-rolling and sighing.
When I saw this weekend, I knew it would be a fantastic opportunity for him to meet with the training assistants, get a feel for NLP and of course the wonderful experience of having Dr Bandler and Paul McKenna for a whole weekend. That was the idea.
The reality was so much more amazing and energetic and outstanding.
The venue was brilliant. It was comfortable, clean and the staff friendly and helpful.
It was so lovely to see the trainers from my Practitioner's course, not to mention more than a few of my fellow students.
The atmosphere was vibrant and enthusiastic.
It was a wonderful experience: Paul McKenna filling a hall with the sound of laughter from 1,300 people. This is a memory I will always cherish and makes me smile as I type this. And as for Dr Bandler...well, he is as ever, impressive.
My son is now pretty much quivering with excitement at the next week's training. He just can't wait for it now. The weekend managed to widen his horizons far more effectively than anything the educational system and my guidance could provide.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Get The Life You Want, 1st to 2nd October 2011


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