NLP Life Training - 10 Years

An enjoyable and extremely useful experience

Hi Bernardo,
I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and was absolutely amazed at how quickly the time passed! I returned home ‘buzzing’ and have already taken an unexpected opportunity to successfully apply some of the techniques that were new to me! 
I had not attended anything like this before, so had no idea what to expect. In fact, before a recent NLP Practitioner Course empowered me to overcome my fear of social events, I would never have even considered attending! However, having enjoyed the Richard Bandler Introduction to NLP event, earlier this year, I knew that this was also bound to be a highly entertaining occasion, regardless of what I learnt from it!
Although already feeling confident and happy with my life, I was curious to discover if I could improve it further, so I’d decided to approach the weekend with an open mind and just ENJOY the LEARNING! I ended up absorbing everything - learning from everyone I chatted to (trainers, helpers, other delegates and even security staff) - loving the experience and not wanting it to end!
Although I completely understood its purpose, the only section that I felt slightly uncomfortable with was Paul’s ‘button’ routine.  I’m aware that’s just a ‘me’ thing, because most delegates seemed to enjoy that type of participation, but it’s just not a manner of behaviour that was previously included in my own ‘map of the world.’ 
However, I was proud that, where I once would have immediately left the building, at being expected to join in, instead I was able to instantly ‘change my state’ and just go with the flow! Actually, I can see its potential for possible inclusion in the work that I do with children and, having experienced it, will now be able to creatively adapt it as necessary, to suit their individual needs.
Overall, this weekend was an enjoyable and extremely useful experience that I would highly recommend!
Many thanks to all involved! 
Get The Life You Want, 1st to 2nd October 2011
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