NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Everything about the weekend was brilliant

Thank you so much for a truly amazing beautiful and magical weekend.
There are no real words to express just what occurred over these two days and how much it has helped me. How did you know exactly what I needed at this particular time? The awful dread sickness and horrid depression and fear I was suffering before the weekend has gone - and let me tell you - real miracles started to occur before I even left the seminar on Sunday evening!
Everything about the weekend was brilliant. We were taken on a wonderful journey that inspired and elevanted us and left us in SUCH a better place than before. I learnt so much and laughed so much! In fact, I had such a good time on so many levels, I can say this is one of the all-time best weekends of my life so far!
Paul was just wonderful. His deep caring and superb skill so apparent the whole way through. And Richard, well the legend blasted his way through my barriers too carried by the force of his confidence and genius and charisma. These two men are brilliant and great in every sense of the word, and a true gift and blessing to mankind. Great masters come in different forms and guises through the ages - if you want to meet two of the most powerful and kind and loving ones (who can make you laugh till happy tears come out of your eyes and all your problems have disappeared) this is the event to come to!
From the depths of my heart, thank you so much. Thank you to Paul and Thank you to Richard. You have my greatest respect and deep gratitude.  I'll be quoting this weekend in years to come...
Mayuri Goodhand
PS And of course thank you to the Whole Team who made this event possible too. And a special thank you also for the beautiful lady that helped me on Sunday afternoon one-to-one. (She had an beige dress on and appeared to be an angel from heaven!) At first, I really thought there was no way she could help me because I was feeling so bad, but wow... she really helped me to turn things around in such an amazing way, that I couldn't stop smiling and laughing at the end of it....and I know this divine change is with me for always now...
Mayuri Goodhand ABNLP TLTA ABH
Get The Life You Want, 1st to 2nd October 2011
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