NLP Life Training - 10 Years

It's just WOW!

It was even more amazing as I ever thought! I wasn't sure at all to have a training among and with 1500 people... Never in my life I would have done it:-)
But it worked out and it was a lot of fun, too. 
Paul is a very charming trainer with a very funny manner and it is so easy to follow his instructions and get into deep trance. 
I didn't know Richard before and it took me a while to get along with him (not because of the "penis"). He is so straight and gives others power to be just like they really are.
Very impressing story teller;-) 
They are both completely different - like angel and "devil", very different and I am just impressed of their presence and their amazing expertise.
I am deeply grateful having had this experience - it's just WOW!!
Best regards
Get The Life You Want, 1st to 2nd October 2011


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