NLP Life Training - 10 Years

Kids today would benefit from the Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna NLP techniques

Dear Bernardo
What a fantastic weekend!
Some months ago I asked my boyfriend what he wanted to do for his birthday and he’d already seen the advert for the GTLYW seminar and instantly said he’d like us both to go, particularly as he’d attended other NLP life events, including the NLP practitioners course.
We’ve both overcome difficult times in life, who hasn’t – shit happens!  But the seminar explained some really helpful techniques to overcome times of stress and anxiety and with the busy lives we lead today this is really helpful.
In the same way that yoga is taught on the school curriculum in India I really believe that kids today would benefit from the Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna NLP techniques we experienced at the weekend.   Life should be fun, full and joyous and I came away feeling completely uplifted.  Some of my friends have attended similar events in the past and really rate the experience.  As they talk about it big smiles appear on their faces!  I’ll never be able to listen to Purple Haze again without a grin! 
After a period of not sleeping well, I’m now sleeping, I’ve already practiced the havening technique, I’m also using my favourite music to enhance the “bigger, bolder, brighter” sensation and being visually orientated, I’m compiling a picture frame containing all my successful moments in life so I can go out to work feeling fantastic.
So from now on I will be exercising my brain muscle and re-wiring my neurology, listening to my Richard Bandler/Paul McKenna CD’s and living the life I want – thank you for a fabulous weekend!
Best wishes
Jane Hough
Get The Life You Want, 1st to 2nd October 2011
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