NLP Life Training - 10 Years

What an amazing man...

I booked this wonderful two day course after seeing Paul McKenna being interviewed on the BBC because what he said about positive thinking resonated - 10 minutes after the interview I was booked.  Had never heard about Richard Bandler or NLP before and made a point of not doing what I normally do, i.e. read everything up on the Internet.  I wanted to come with an open mind.  I wasn't disappointed, two days of ideas, new ways of thinking, dealing with old issues that kept me back from obtaining new goals. 
I was slightly skeptical after booking but the whole NLP team made it easy, from keeping you upto date on the change in venue from the original booking, probably because of the number of people who booked, through to registration, a pleasure to deal with.
If Paul was a 10 out of 10 (sorry Paul) Richard was a 15..... What an amazing man, the room became electric when he came on stage and boy has he already changed the way I'm thinking.  There was an awful lot of information packed into the two days, some of which I 'got' straight away and wondered why I hadn't been thinking in the way suggested, the other much more subtle which I'm sure will filter through in the coming weeks.   At the end we were all given two sets of CD's to enable us to keep up the good work we started which I'm now very much looking foward to listening.
If you have self-doubt, issues that stop you doing something you want to, ideas on positive thinking, new ways of looking at things then I'd have no hesitation in recommending that you attend the next event or similar course run by NLP. 
Great day, great information and great value.
Get The Life You Want, 1st to 2nd October 2011


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