NLP Life Training - 10 Years

I have changed the way I think

I was advised by some colleagues to attend a NLP course as they said it would help me in my work and personal life. I attended the course with no prior knowledge of NLP or having never heard of Dr Richard Bandler and having now been on the practitioner course would strongly recommend the course to anyone. I left having changed the way I think and now have the knowledge to continue to improve myself and also the tools to help others. Dr Richard Bandler was fantastic but also John and Kathleen La Valle were great and it was a pleasure to attend the course and be part of the practitioner course 2010 where I meet some fantastic people from all over the world who had come to London for the course. I would like to thank the organiser for a great course and hope others take the opportunity to attend future courses.

Martin Rudge. Licensed Practitioner of NLP 24th October 2010

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